dominKnow Launches New E-learning Tools Suite

dominKnow Launches New E-learning Tools Suite

Instructional designers and developers are using other kinds of digital content to deliver relevant, timely, and personalized experiences to learners.  As a result, they’re using a range of e-learning authoring tools to get the job done.  But using multiple tools comes with challenges and inefficiencies. 

With the introduction of dominKnow | ONE, designers get everything they need in one place to create more than just eLearning.  From formal learning, performance support, and micro learning, dominKnow | ONE delivers content in any format for any device without having to switch between tools and stitch together content from different places.

“With dominKnow | ONE, we wanted to empower designers to fully utilize their creativity and enable flexibility to design whatever was needed for any given situation without sacrificing functionality or requiring they learn a new tool, just because one project required responsive design and another a traditional design approach,” says CEO Luke Hickey.

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