Editor’s Pick from ASTD ICE ’14: Social Learning & Collaboration

If you are one of the 8,000 attendees at this week’s ASTD ICE, you will see a lot of new brands on the show floor. From more international companies entering the US to new products from old friends, you have a lot to see in 6 hours. We were particularly impressed by solutions that wrapped social collaboration around learning.

We all have seen Yammer, Jive, and even social learning elements within content or LMSs. What’s new here are the simple to elegant integrations. The most elegant is IBM’s Social Learning product. The solution is part Outstart LMS & LCMS and part IBM Connections, redesigned with a simple point and click navigation. The user can search all content by keyword, view a video snippet at point of keyword search, comment and even engage with others who viewed the module. The user can view all comments and link to the video at the point, or connect with commenters through content or comments logs.  When layered with the IBM Talent Management System (formerly Kenexa), you can add this functionality to the talent modules. Learn more at: www.ibm.com/social-business

A simple solution to building engagement around social learning was displayed by showd.me. Think LinkedIN with smart search and real time Q&A. Members register with their areas of expertise (SME) that become seachable by all users. At set up, members can use their LinkedIN profiles featuring their skills and areas of expertise. When stumped, a member can post a question, and those with expertise in that area all appear. The expert can answer the 1 time question, or set up a relationship for additional learning.  The tool supports video, audio, screen sharing andfile sharing including mobile to PC in real-time.  Pricing ranges from $3-$5/per/month. Learn more at: www.showdme.com

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