E-Learning Inside and Out

Orbitz Worldwide is a forerunner in using e-learning to impact two audiences that can help grow its organization — employees and channel partners.

As anyone who travels knows, Orbitz is a

Orbitz Worldwide is a forerunner in using e-learning to impact two audiences that can help grow its organization — employees and channel partners.

As anyone who travels knows, Orbitz is a leading global online travel company that uses innovative technology to enable leisure and business travelers to research, plan and book a broad range of travel products. It owns a strong global portfolio of consumer travel brands that includes CheapTickets, ebookers, HotelClub, RatesToGo, the Away Network, Asia hotels, and corporate travel brand Orbitz Worldwide for Business. With revenues exceeding $870 million and 1,600 employees in more than 20 countries, Orbitz Worldwide is the epitome of a global, online, new economy business.

Carolyne Matseshe-Crawford, senior director of Global Training & Consistency, describes a myriad of reasons why Orbitz was seeking a best-in-class SaaS delivered system to replace its previous behind-the-firewall implementation and accomplish strategic organizational goals. With a global contact center footprint, the team at Orbitz Worldwide needed to be able to create, warehouse, deliver, test, score and track content and learning comprehension for both Orbitz Worldwide employees and Orbitz Worldwide channel partners online and on-demand.

Started Nov. 1, 2009, and fully implemented merely 30 days later, a new SaaS LMS powered by GeoLearning tracks all global OLT activities, ILT activities, and the performance that these activities generate.

“Our first test of the system started with an ILT program that was executed in Krakow, Poland,” says Matseshe-Crawford. “Consistency of delivery was key for success and the program soon expanded into Guatemala and Mexico. We’re a very multi-cultural team. We’ve now expanded to delivering OLT and ILT content in 13 languages and around the world.”

And leveraging the speed and consistency of a SaaS LMS doesn’t end there. At Orbitz, two e-learning content developers create SCORM-compliant courses using Captivate, Adobe Engage, QuizmakerPro, Dreamweaver, Flash and even PowerPoint. The content teaches best practices and reinforces uniformity across the business. Boasting content development cycles of 24 hours to update a course and 48 hours to publish a new course from scratch, Orbitz has the flexibility and scalability to create and deploy learning quickly in order to respond to changing products and market conditions.

“Technology is central to our organization,” says Matseshe-Crawford. “We have the best technology and we use the best technology. We innovate by leveraging systems to influence both internal and external audiences. GeoLearning has enabled us to seamlessly deliver training to internal and external audiences using one online solution and it has increased our organizational performance.”

Multiple Audiences

With three distinct groups accessing Orbitz Worldwide’s online and on-demand LMS, employees, channel partners and channel partner operational staff all access the same GeoMaestro LMS platform. Orbitz delivers contact center new-hire training featuring systems, customer expectations, telesales and fulfillment courses, including a myriad of modules with each having two or three knowledge checks (tests). When a user completes a knowledge check, he or she must score 85 percent or better and has the opportunity for one retake.

Knowledge checks are also used to benchmark new-hire attrition. When evaluating all learners in a class, scorecards are used to look at the learners as a group. Scorecards also help to escalate borderline performers for evaluation. Refresher and upgrade training is also offered to this audience. Detail about client training is proprietary and includes end-user and (Orbitz Worldwide) site administrator training. Orbitz’s training concentration on multiple learning audiences (internal and external) reinforces its brand promise and customer centric focus.

Global Results Measured

Orbitz is busy measuring the positive results of delivering learning to multiple audiences. For the employee audience, success is measured in productivity targets, consistency and process efficiency. For the channel partners and operational staff, results are delivered in the form of customer satisfaction, telesales conversion and overall productivity.

“Reporting is an important focus for us. It’s one of the core reasons we selected GeoLearning,” says Matseshe-Crawford. “GeoMaestro provides numerous ways to gather, measure and benchmark the success and outputs of our users. Our content development resources are lean, so we use GeoMaestro’s robust reporting system to identify where our business is improving, how learning has enabled those results, and how to expand that success.”

The Future of Learning

Leveraging its global footprint, Orbitz believes that collaboration is key to the future of its learning.

“Within our multiple audiences, we have numerous feedback loops for our program,” says Matseshe-Crawford. “We receive feedback about best practices that we immediately incorporate into our learning programs. Using the on-demand LMS to launch and track our success has enabled us to have both the flexibility and scalability we require today and in the future.”

—Learn how to get started with e-learning for employees by downloading the “E-Learning Strategy Blueprint” at www.geolearning.com/bp. To discover the benefits of training external audiences, download “Widening Your Sphere of Influence: An Introduction to Extended Enterprise” at www.geolearning.com/sphere.

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