Experiential Learning in a Mobile Enabled World

In the fast-paced world we live in, most things are moving into the digital, mobile arena. Identifying how mobile can be best utilized and whether it can help to address In the fast-paced world we live in, most things are moving into the digital, mobile arena. Identifying how mobile can be best utilized and whether it can help to address behavior and skill development in our industry is the trick. NexLearn,
a simulation-authoring company, is helping the learning industry ride the digital wave in an effort to improve staff development opportunities. In the company’s latest effort, the SimWriter product includes native publishing to iOS for the iPhone and iPad. Future releases due out in late fall 2011 will also address native publishing to Android and Blackberry devices. NexLearn’s goal is to create behavioral simulations that have the ability to live outside the desktop computer and be available to the learner wherever they may be.Mobile allows for this advancement. TYPES OF LEARNING >> Instructional Design
>> Experience Design
>> Mobile Learning Given that experience is the best teacher, simulations offer a very practical way to capture and deploy relevant experiences. The addition of mobile to the blended learning portfolio offers companies increased flexibility in how they both design and deploy their learning interventions. When thinking about the overall experience employees need to have to improve their performance, the discreet learning interactions can be shorter and just-in-time. Mobile adds another layer to our category, and the learning and development opportunities are just waiting to be uncovered. Accepted Instructional Design models from repeated exposure, over-time, and justin- time to skill topics for remediation and reinforcement of critical ideas will enhance the acquisition, retention, and deployment for your student. This is readily accomplished in the mobile world. NexLearn’s innovation with respect to the creation and utilization of reusable branching Micro-Learning Objects (MLO) inside of SimWriter enables organizations to build reinforcement and repetition into the design process without the addition of significant cost. Being able to publish MLOs from computer-based applications directly to a mobile format means that engaging reinforcement can now be part of any learning and development strategy. Through the use of iPad and other tablet technologies, learners can benefit from highly specialized curricula while in the field and learn on a new level. Bringing participants into the real world to experience real situations is proven to be the best way to teach. Mobile devices, like the iPad, make that dream a reality. HOW IT WORKS NexLearn’s current SimWriter software Beta version now has the capability to create MLOs from any module created within the program. The MLOs flow within a larger,more complex training module but are designed specifically to live outside
of the classroom.With the new SimWriter update, developers can cut a portion of a module and export it in a compatible iPad format. The smaller training program is used to help reinforce the learning for students and apply the lessons in real-time. Because so much of learning is contextual, placing a learner in the environment stimulates the brain in ways a classroom is unable to. SimWriter Professional is the state-of-the-art authoring tool that helps keep trainers and developers sharp. For instance, to keep files in sync, NexLearn connected parent root files with MLOs so that when parent files are updated, it’s seamless on the user’s end for both the primary module as well as the mobile program. ABOUT NEXLEARN NexLearn develops affordable custom e-learning and immersive simulation-authoring software for companies’ training departments around the world. Launched in 2006, the SimWriter product earned the 2010 Brandon Hall Gold
Award for Best Advance in Technology for Game or Simulation Authoring and is
described as one of the most innovative tools for the elearning industry. To learn
more about NexLearn, visit www.nexlearn.com or call (877) 265-2170.

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