Getting Early Returns From Your Talent

Engaging employees early in their career with a new company is essential to employee satisfaction, retention and performance. Onboarding made its mark within talent management in 2008, and data collected by Aberdeen in December 2008 and January 2009 (from more than 600 HR, talent management and business managers) shows that onboarding is poised to make significant strategic gains again this year. The data and analysis in this 2009 onboarding study will provide organizations with the means to benchmark their performance against peers as well as improve onboarding performance over the coming year.

The research found that while socialization remains a Best-in-Class differentiator, there exists a difference in the focus on “cultural” versus “social” engagement. To this point, 84 percent of Best-in-Class organizations seek to integrate new employees into the organization’s norms and values (i.e. culture) in order to understand the do’s and don’ts of working within the organization, and 68 percent of the Best-in-Class introduce new employees to others with similar interests (i.e. social networks) in order to build relationships within the organization and share knowledge.

Five more facts from the research that provide actionable benefits:

1) Best-in-Class companies increased new employee retention on average by 31 percent.

2) Best-in-Class companies reduced forms processing errors or incompletions on average by 14 percent.

3) Best-in-Class companies increased new employee engagement on average by 31 percent.

4) Best-in-Class companies decreased new employee time-to-productivity on average by 24 percent.

5) Best-in-Class companies decreased onboarding cost per employee on average by 12 percent.

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