Governments Taking Advantage of IoT

Governments Taking Advantage of IoT

City and county governments are finding that Internet of Things (IoT) technology is helping them effectively serve their constituents.

According to an article at, “Every day, cheaply manufactured sensors are being placed underground, into buildings and into people’s pockets — and government is finding that the arrangement suits its needs nicely. From tasks as small as shaving a few seconds off a person’s commute or finding a parking space to saving the lives of lost hikers, IoT technology is changing how governments serve their citizens.”

The article cites partnerships between cities like Boston and Los Angeles with Waze, a popular mobile app, to better understand traffic patterns within their boundaries. And in San Francisco, “smart” parking meters can notify commuters about parking options that are current to the minute.

“The idea of greater connectivity between people and the infrastructure they use daily is very exciting, because it opens opportunities for new functionality,” the article notes.

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