Hujiang EdTech, China-based online education company, launched its online oral English brand Hitalk. This new brand is tailored specifically for adult English learners. Hitalk’s development is based on rich data collection, intelligent adaptive learning, unique real-world role play, and learning patterns. Through situation-based learning, the new platform can simulate nearly 1,000 real-world scenarios to provide learners with a wide range of vibrant educational experiences.

“The profile of a potential Hitalk user is any professional between the ages of 25 and 38. They are financially stable and care about the quality of their learning experience and end-result,” says Jason Song, CEO of Hujiang Class.

Huijang EdTech also announced a $7 million scholarship fund for those seeking English language education assistance.

Hitalk will also leverage Hujiang’s 150 million users to attract students. “This giant online education ecosystem has developed some of the most integrated e-learning platforms including CCtalk, an interactive online teaching platform for iTeachers, and Hitalk, which focuses on the adult oral English market,” sites Song. Hujiang EdTech plans to develop a broad spectrum of educational resources for its growing user base.


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