International Students Love MOOCs

Ninety-one percent of respondents rated their experience as good, very good or excellent in a post-course survey of massive open online courses (MOOCs)

offered by the University of London International Programs on the Coursera online platform.

An impressive 210,000 students signed up to four courses from countries all over the world. The MOOCs took the format of video lectures, assessments based on automatically-graded multiple choice questions or peer reviews, and forums allowing the students to interact with the content, each other and course teams. Twitter chats and live video sessions were also used as part of the English Common Law MOOC. Of the 210,000 total registered students, 90,000 of them went on to participate in the courses as active students, with 8,843 completing a course in full.

Due to the success of the initiative, plans are in place to complement the International Programs’ existing MOOC offering.

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