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Condition of Education Report Released by National Center for Education Statistics

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--Those with higher education see better health, graduation rates & technology access.

By Catherine Upton, Elearning! Magazine


The National Center for Education Statistics released the “Condition of Education 2017” report this week; a congressionally mandated annual report summarizing the latest data on education in the United States. The report is designed to help policymakers and the public monitor educational progress. This year’s report includes 50 indicators on topics ranging from pre-kindergarten through post secondary education, as well as labor force outcomes and international comparisons.


-Graduation Rates Higher for 4-year Post Secondary Students

Among first-time college students, the percentage of students who were still enrolled or had graduated after 3 years was higher for students who began at 4-year institutions (80 percent) than for those who began at 2-year institutions (57 percent).

-Access to Internet at Home Increases with Parent’s Education Level

The percentage of students who use the Internet at home varied by parental education level, ranging from 42 percent for children whose parents had not completed high school to 71 percent for those whose parents had completed a bachelor’s or higher degree.

-Disability Rates are Inversely-related to Education Level

Sixteen percent of 25- to 64-year-olds who had not completed high school had one or more disabilities in 2015, compared to 4 percent of those who had completed a bachelor’s degree and 3 percent of those who had completed a master’s or higher degree.

The takeaway is everyone benefits from advanced education across all human indicators- health, financially, success.

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