LCMS: New LCMS Has Dynamic Publishing/Personalization

Version 10 of the eXact learning LCMS with Packager 5.0 adds unique innovative features — including dynamic publishing, responsive XML and template-based HTML 5 authoring and DITA support.

The new version 10 enables contents to adapt, in real time, to the learner’s perspective and learning preferences — along with her/his skills and competency gaps, the learner’s location, and the available device to deliver the learning and/or support.

The new LCMS version uses an open framework which allows users to develop and integrate their own learning authoring template sets.

It also significantly improves an organization’s ability to re-purpose its own existing catalogue of learning resources with limited effort.

In addition, the new version supports the management of learning content creation and delivery for organizations that require a scalable, extendable modular system to meet high-volume, professional and consistent learning output demand. eXact learning solutions believes that he combination of rapid authoring capabilities and model-based automation of content production enables high-volume, professional and consistent learning output.

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