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About Learning! 100

You create learning programs that deliver results. You innovate, collaborate and outperform your competitors. You master budget woes to woo you employees, customer and partners. Now, let us honor you and your team’s excellence in the Learning! 100 Awards program, honoring America’s top learning organizations.

What is the Learning! 100?

The Elearning! Media Group’s (EMG) Learning!100 Awards recognize excellence in learning across enterprises that invest in a truly immersive learning culture. Learning! 100 Awards recognize the top 100 organizations for their best-in-class learning and development programs, enabling learning culture that creates outstanding organizational performance. Whether your firm is large or small, learning is department-led or enterprise-wide, we want to hear from you. The Learning! 100 will be honored in a series of articles, Web seminars, blogs and more hosted by Elearning! Media Group. Methodology The Learning! 100 is a research-based program that provides organizations a benchmark for future development; is quantitative and qualitative; and is unbiased by size of the organization. Learning! 100 applicants are evaluated on three sets of criterion: EMG’s Learning Culture Index, Collaborative Strategies’ Innovation & Collaboration Ratings and overall organizational performance. Every submission will be evaluated on the same criterion, scores totaled and ranked for the Learning! 100.

How to Apply

Corporate, government and non-profit organizations are invited to apply. We welcome applications from organizations of all sizes, across industries, around the world. Vendors and PR representatives may submit applications on behalf of their clients.

There is only one category for award consideration: Learning! 100. Each applicant will be scored and ranked based upon the research-based criteria. Each applicant will receive rating and ranking details after winners are announced.

Why Apply?
Learning! 100 applicants benefit from the evaluation process.

Participants can:

  • Recognize their teams for excellence by leading industry media.
  • Network with Learning! 100 honorees 
  • Receive their Learning! 100 rating and ranking, as well as benchmark report to measure future progress.
  • Participate in Learning! 100 community networking opportunities to extend learning opportunities.
  • Access all Learning! 100 articles, Web seminars and materials at www.2elearning.com.

Each winning organization will be:

  • Recognized in Elearning! Media Group’s Learning! 100 awards showcase.
  • Receive Learning! 100 trophy, awards logo and ICON for promotions.
  • Participates in Web seminars, feature articles, roundtables and event discussions.
  • Receive nationwide promotional exposure through EMG media as well as general press and media channels. 


Important Dates

 December 1, 2019

Learning! 100 Applications Open

April 1, 2020 EXTENDED

Learning! 100 Applications Close

May 15, 2020

Learning! 100 Candidates Notified

Summer 2020

Learning! 100 Award Ceremony Online Broadcast

Summer 2020

Learning! 100 Awards Issue Mails


Learning! 100 Articles & Web Seminars

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