LifeBot App Converts Alexa into Digital Assistant

LifeBot App Converts Alexa into Digital Assistant

Life Bot is a new skill for Amazon Alexa that helps you be more productive in your day. Life Bot is the only Alexa voice app you need to complete daily activities through your digital assistant. Sending reminders, keeping track of to do’s, listening to music for concentration- LifeBot’s there to cover your online productivity needs throughout the day.

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But Life Bot’s longer-term ambition is to learn from its users, then can kick-off personalized workflows with a single voice command. A future version of the app could respond to a command like “good morning” by launching a series of updates that would differ from user to user.

For instance, one person might first hear their morning briefing, then launch into a meditation session. Another might have Alexa dictate their schedule for the day, then receive a list of reminders that need scheduling. Note, Life Bot would be running content in its own app, not launching other skills.

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