LMS: LMS Software with Training Managers in Mind

Meridian Knowledge Solutions’ updated learning management system (LMS) software, Meridian Global LMS 2010.1, boasts a new set of tools that training managers can tap to not only deliver a wider array of education but also publicize the availability of new courses.

The new tools include “deep linking,” “homepage feeds” and “compartmentalizing” e-mail that is focused on specific training events.

Deep linking gives learners working within the LMS a way to send one another links to any type of training content they deem interesting. Learners can create a URL tied to a piece of content (e.g., video, podcast or a page from a manual, etc.) in the LMS and then e-mail the link to other learners who can immediately open it via their mobile devices.

Homepage feeds give training managers a blank canvas on their LMS homepage where they can create whatever they want — as long as it is in an HTML format — to promote their training programs, success stories or offer additional instruction.

The tool for compartmentalizing e-mail, which Meridian calls “My Messages,” enables training managers to collect and funnel e-mails to a central repository.

To learn more, visit www.meridianksi.com.

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