Machine Learning Emphasized at CEO Summit in Sun Valley

Machine Learning Emphasized at CEO Summit in Sun Valley


Deals and sessions focused on artificial intelligence and its role in the future.

Allen & Co. hosted its 34th annual conference in Sun Valley, Idaho and many of that United States’ most powerful business and technology professionals attended the event. Machine technology was heavily emphasized during the week-long event. General Motors is cutting deals with Apple and Google to create connected dashboards for some of its cars as a way to combat the rise of Uber and the onslaught of automated technology. Sony is working on a robot that builds an emotional bond with people.

Reid Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn, talked about the increase in machine technology and its effects on careers, not just in the manufacturing sphere, but in the professional sphere as well. Doctors, attorneys and others will be able to mine large amounts of data with the new technology in as little as 20 years. Hoffman believes that this could be good for the American economy because it is very tech-centric, but Americans need to tread cautiously. “Yes, jobs are going away; we’ve got to focus on entrepreneurship and creating new jobs,” he told CNBC. One of the ways people can prepare themselves for this shift is to have the technology knowledge, capabilities and skillsets to work with machines.

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