Macro-Tech Trends on Tap

Four major technology shifts are occurring now that will impact most businesses, according to Shawn Dubravac, director of research for the Consumer Electronics Association.

>> Extreme Customization

We are entering a mass customization stage, where consumers can order custom solutions instantly.

>> Multiscreen environments

In 2009, it was small cell phones and big screen TVs. In 2014, it’s “wearable devices,” HD resolution on cell phones and soon transparent

displays that will “know us.”

>> Age of Autonomy

We are entering the sensorization of consumer technology. In 2006, a sensor cost $7; now it is 50 cents. We will go from cruise control cars to smart cars.

>> Curation and Context Era

Think Netfix recommendations. In the next decade, devices will predict entertainment media most suited to the moment.


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