Microsoft to Train U.K. in Digital Skills Like A.I.

In February, Microsoft launched an initiative to teach digital skills to people across the United Kingdom to ensure that the country remains one of the global leaders in Cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and other next-generation technologies. Microsoft U.K. Chief Executive Cindy Rose joined Chancellor Philip Hammond at the launch of Microsoft’s digital skills plan at the company’s U.K. headquarters in Reading.

Microsoft will train 30,000 public servants for free in a range of digital skills. This will allow those U.K. government and public- sector entities to deliver better and more efficient services to people across the country, using more current technology. As part of the overall initiative, Microsoft has also committed to making sure everyone in the U.K. has access to free, online digital literacy training. The hope is that this training will prepare them for a world that uses technology to transform how people in all sectors work.

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