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Students will be able to able to engage in digital lessons based on BBC documentaries as part of a new partnership between Nearpod and BBC Worldwide Learning. With this partnership, Nearpod will be able to expand instruction on topics such as technology, the environment, politics and health.

Memorable video content can help deliver learning experiences that stay with you for a lifetime,” says Kara Iaconis, BBC Worldwide Learning’s vice president of sales and marketing. “We establish partnerships that transform the way video content is used in education. Nearpod’ s digital-first platform integrates cutting-edge tools with BBC’s outstanding programming, to deliver a dynamic learning experience in classrooms,”

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 As interactive instructional platform, Nearpod works on any device and features real-time student assessments and digital chalkboards. Teachers can also customize the lessons to meet the needs of their students. Instead of just watching a teacher give a presentation, students can participate by asking questions, and teachers get a better sense of what their students know or don’t understand.

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