Out With the Old, In with the New?

Out With the Old, In with the New?

The workplace underwent significant changes in 2014, with a shift towards eliminating “old school” management practices and embracing more open work environments and increasing in flexibility on the job. As predicted at the start of the year by Fierce, Inc., these changes have included less hierarchical titles across organizations, more flexibility beyond the standard work hours, and a drop in the traditional performance review process.

“As organizations across the globe continue to shift to a workplace that focuses less on outdated best practices and more on people, not only are the employees going to benefit, but the entire company will,” says Halley Bock, president and CEO of Fierce, Inc. “We’ve seen for years through working with companies of all scopes that a ‘one size fits all’ model is ineffective, especially with today’s Millennials. We encourage leaders to engage in conversations from the top down, as communication continues to be the cornerstone of a healthy and productive workplace.”

Here are some possible workplace trends:

>> Organizations will increase flexibility for employees, along with an emphasis on balancing work and life.

>> Training beyond job-specific roles will increase as older generations of workers are replaced by Millennials.

>> Company leaders will more deeply partner with learning and training departments to train their own teams.

—More info: www.fierceinc.com

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