Salaries Take Dive for E-learning Globally

In 2014, e-learning salaries dipped in many countries. The United Kingdom experienced the sharpest drop, at 7 percent. Australia’s salaries also fell (by 4.7 percent), but it still offers the highest e-learning salaries in the world. India was the only country to raise its salaries; pay increased there by 9.4 percent.

The 2014 average global e-learning salary is $76,530, which is down 1.5 percent from 2013. U.S. salaries remained flat, with an average of $78,932. Global e-learning salaries range drastically: in Australia, an e-learning professional could be making $94,000, while someone doing similar work in India might be earning $33,000.

The pharmaceutical and biotech industries pay the highest wages, which are 26 percent higher than the aver- age global salary. Government and education pay the lowest, up to 13 percent and 23 percent below average, respectively. Salaries for instructional design positions fell 7 percent below the global average. Not surprisingly, the most lucrative position in the e- learning industry is executive management, with salaries 52 percent above average. Those whose jobs entail writing, training, coaching, or support earn 23 percent below average.

—More info: chive/2014/05/Intelligence-How-Does-Your-E-Learning-Salary-Stack-Up

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