Tapping the Power of Collaborative Content Authoring for Creating E-learning

Tapping the Power of Collaborative Content Authoring for Creating E-learning

Speakers: Janet Clarey, Editor, Elearning! Magazine Group and Mike Alcock, Product Specialist, Kaplan IT Learning’s Atlantic Link

Collaborative authoring systems allow organizations to respond with greater agility to training development projects of any size while reducing costs and significantly improving project turnaround. In addition, collaborative authoring environments provide centralized storage and management of training course content, as well as the media assets that the courses contain. As a result, source files are never misplaced or lost and course content can quickly be updated by all contributors.
Join Janet Clarey, Elearning! Editor and Mike Alcock, Product Specialist for Kaplan IT Learning’s Atlantic Link, as they share best practices and real world examples of how to use collaborative authoring to create eLearning training content easily and cost effectively.
In this complimentary web seminar, you will learn:

  • How to place eLearning development capabilities within the hands of SMEs and other contributors so as to reduce the cost of using external resources
  • How British Telecom used collaborative authoring and centralized content management to easily create the variety of training needed within each business unit, regardless of the unit location
  • How to easily enhance exiting training materials, such as documents and PowerPoint’s, with interactivity, assessments and branching learning scenarios.

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