Technology Challenges?

A report titled “Making the Choice Between On-Premise and On-Demand Solutions” was written to help business and IT decision-makers make educated choices between traditional and new-generation solutions.

“Globalization and the Internet are transforming the competitive landscape,” the report says. “While they are both creating new market opportunities, they are also lowering traditional barriers to entry in many industries. This is making it harder for businesses to differentiate themselves in order to win and sustain customer loyalty. At the same time, escalating fuel costs are making it more expensive to conduct face-to-face sales meetings and on-site support visits.”

Corporate IT managers today must deploy an effective Internet communications platform to facilitate sales and support requirements. And they must implement systems that can track and analyze the productivity of these sales, marketing and support activities.

While plenty of products exist to address these needs, they require significant capital and skills to be fully utilized. These challenges and more are outlined in the whitepaper found at:

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