The Future Trainer: Bina48 Humanoid

The Future Trainer: Bina48 Humanoid

Speakers: Joe DiDonato, editor at large, Elearning!Media Group and Bruce Duncan, M.Ed, Managing Director, Terasem Foundation, and Bina48, Humanoid

The US Naval Air Warfare Center reports 62% of their current talent will retire over the next 10 years. This “retirement brain drain” is the biggest threat to continued innovation and performance.

The Terasem Foundation has an answer. The LifeNaut project collects a ‘Mindfile” of candidates and can bring it to life with a combination of Artificial Intelligence, robotics and more. Enter Bina48.

Join Joe DiDonato and Bruce Duncan as they share this concept and put it into practice with Bina48. At 3 years old, Bina48 is the most advanced social robot in existence. Attend this session and see Bina48 answer questions, scan her mindfile and selected resources. Is this the future of training? Could Bina48 be your next tutor?

Come with your questions and see how Bina48 is poised to challenge your assumptions about the future of learning.

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