The Search for Top Talent: Think Pull vs Push Strategy

The Search for Top Talent: Think Pull vs Push Strategy

More than half of talent acquisition pros say it’s harder to find qualified than it was one year ago per the Talent Forecast Report (TFR.) The largest shortages are found in sales, research and development, and technology jobs. It looks like shortages are spiking contingent workforce demands with 73% of organizations tapping a contingent workforce on a regular or as-needed basis.

In this competitive job market, one must think like a marketer. Using a pull strategy is like luring a thirsty horse to water. Create a recruitment strategy that attracts searchers and aligns with your organization’s culture, values and innovation.

What does top talent looking for?

“Cool companies” are the key. Chris Bolte, CEO of Paysa, reports Google, LinkedIn, Amazon and Salesforce as those organizations that have top talent due to a mix of innovation, compensation and retention. New hires are also looking for different reasons to join a company. Five years ago, salary and benefits were the key reasons for selecting an employer. Today, its company culture say the TFR. Talent pros predict in five years new hires will seek workplace flexibility over all other factors.


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