Three New Partners has three new partners:

>> Wayne Homes, a custom home building company headquartered in Uniontown, Ohio, has selected the company’s knowledge platform to automate the employee training and development processes. Wayne will provide a shared learning environment that its employees will use to develop their job skills and competencies, take compliance courses to meet future growth opportunities and mitigate auditing risk. Some compliance training will focus on issues important to the building industry including occupational health and safety guidelines.

>> The American Concrete Institute (ACI), headquartered in Farmingham Hills, Mich., selected the’s knowledge portal to deliver Web-based training (WBT) and educational programs to its 20,000 global society members. ACI will deliver e-learning to both members and nonmembers and ultimately realize higher ROI by offering another mode of delivery for its educational products in addition to its instructor-led training (ILT) seminars and documents.

>> Thermadyne, headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, will use the WebRoom Web Conferencing Suite to provide education and training to distributors and employees around the globe. Introducing the platform into its current learning environment will enable Thermadyne distributors and employees to communicate to customers the corporate commitment to producing superior and reliable products, and exceeding customer expectations around the globe.

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