TOOLS: For Training and Certification

InterCall’s Virtual Environment/Digital Media platform Version 10.3 has new capabilities for training and certification applications, creating an advanced virtual learning platform with unique course design and learner engagement properties.

With it, you can rapidly build and deploy e-learning courses or complex learning communities:
>> Comprehensive course management system with dynamic course structure, including ability to set activity completion criteria
>> Single portal simplifies access: Acts as a wrapper or front end for all your learning assets
>> Integrates assets: Your learning assets are linked to and accessed from one user-friendly, easy-to-navigate location
>> Rich campus architecture: Build highly engaging learning communities and easily incorporate various elements and tools into your trainings
>> Analytics and behavior tracking: Unique Engagement Index tracks all learner behavior including interactions and content accessed
>> Greater ROI: Learners can quickly locate and consume more content, increasing ROI on all your learning assets

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