TOOLS: Google Eyes Educators

Google has launched an education category in its Google Apps Marketplace that’s designed specifically to help schools and universities easily discover and deploy new Web applications that integrate with their existing Google Apps accounts.

The new education category consists of more than 20 applications from 19 vendors ranging from learning management systems (LMS) to student tools and teaching aids — all of which integrate with Google Apps for Education. Each app can be accessed through single sign-on and the Google universal navigation bar and many offer deeper integrations that synchronize with Google Calendar and Documents.

The education category will make it easier for schools to have more Web apps at their fingertips, Google says, including:

Haiku: an LMS that allows teachers to create media-rich class websites, give and auto-grade assessments, annotate assignments and interact online with students.

LearnBoost: an all-in-one gradebook and lesson plan software for teachers that includes tools to visualize data and student performance.

And other classroom management tools such as eduARC,, PlanbookEdu, ThinkWave SIS and Applane SIS, gradebooks such as Engrade and ThinkWave Gradebook, and assessment tools such as EduBrite and RCampus iRubric.

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