TOOLS: New Captivate 8 Upgrades Authoring

Captivate 8, an e-learning authoring tool, has been released by Adobe. The software drastically reduces the authoring effort by allowing trainers and educators to create once and deliver multi-screen responsive content without programming.

With Adobe Captivate 8, developers can leverage device-specific capabilities, such as GPS, to deliver timely, location-aware content to learners, and gesture-based navigation to allow learners to tap, scroll, pinch and swipe their way through courses. Additionally, Adobe Captivate 8 enables device aware e-learning by automatically detecting a learner’s device and delivering the most appropriate experience for it.

With Captivate 8, content will rearrange itself for new tablet and mobile views based on the selected theme. It can be tweaked for a specific device by moving, resizing and editing objects, but content and layout integrity is maintained across devices by positioning objects relative to screen borders or other objects.

For more complete information on the release, don’t forget to check out the upcoming July/August issue of Elearning! magazine.

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