TOOLS: New Platform Creates a Virtual Water Cooler

Gluu has launced a new kind of social collaboration platform that transforms social business from small talk around the water cooler into an asset that is deeply embedded in a company’s business processes.

Te Danish company’s platform combines social media’s ability to connect people with the need for common ways of working, along with clear roles and responsibilities.

Te platform is designed around employ- ees’ need for guidance on how work is actually performed. Its intuitive model provides an easy way of transferring knowledge between employees. is an innovation in the feld of “Business Process Management,” where large corporations for more than a decade have invested billions in IT systems, process design and consultancy in a quest to be- come process-driven enterprises.

It provides 87 business process templates that can be used to jump-start the mapping of a company’s processes and clarify the roles and responsibilities that are involved.

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