UN Education Targets Missed

UN Education Targets Missed

The United Nations’ target of universal access to education by 2030 is off-target in the African region, according to the 2019 E-learning Africa Report.

The study cites: “…56% of respondents do not believe that African countries are doing enough to ensure that, by 2030, all girls and boys will complete free primary and secondary education. However, the percentage of those believing that not enough has been done to improve access to higher education and vocational training or further education is as high as 65%.”

There is some optimism. More than two-thirds (72%) of the experts questioned said they believe that the African Union’s 2063 vision is “realistic.”

Download findings at: https://www.icwe-secretariat.com/elearning-africa/elearning_africa_report_2019.php

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