Viz Mojo Labs’ Conojo

Conojo is a creative whiteboard app for iPads on which users can create and share seamlessly. It is a collaborative, creative plat- form to communicate project ideas, data map- ping and strategy for businesses, tech companies, and students. It helps communicate broad, unique ideas, and its intuitive interface and updated features make the whiteboard app easy for anyone to draw and share.

Key features:

>>  Real-time collaborative whiteboarding

>>  Easy-to-use drawing tools & shapes

>>  Huge variety of templates, including charts, graphs, fishbone diagrams, flow- charts, etc.

>>  Import files and pictures to annotate, edit or display in information maps

>>  Simple export of files via email, Face- book, Twitter, Evernote and more

>>  Record and narrate brainstorming ses- sions and share via email, YouTube and social media accounts

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