WEB 2.0: Improving Collaboration Communication Aspects

Topyx from Interactyx Ltd. is based on the idea that knowledge is socially constructed. It improves the collaboration and communication aspects of the learning experience and creates a rich sense of community.

Topyx liberates learners and educators, to create and share content, to collaborate with peers through advanced social networking tools, and to easily manage individual progress. Language localization of the platform is very easy, allowing simultaneous deployment in many different countries.

The integrated Web 2.0 technologies create a modern social networking environment that will enhance and engage the learner. Also, Topyx is easy to use and customizable to fit the needs of a quickly growing market base that spans the corporate training, academic, and "edutainment" markets.

Not only can Topyx be used to distribute existing educational content, but Interactyx can assist organizations to source or design content to fit its educational needs.

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